Enterprise Servers
Data Centers
SSD Solutions
Slide PC Performance Older and low performing computers can be
accelerated with Memory and SSD boosts.
Personal Data Storage We are constantly producing data while taking photos, recording videos,
creating documents on the computer and in all our works.We need to store
some of the data we produced. USB memory, SSD, Memory Card and other
storage solutions produced by Longline allow this data to be backed up.
Servers and
Data Centers
Longline server memory and enterprise class SSDs help manage
workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data
analysis, cloud computing, operational databases, database applications
and data warehouses.

Longline Memory Solutions

By completing the quality and conformity certification processes in accordance with international standards, it has achieved superior success with product design, production process and quality testing.

Portable SSD

Solid State Drive

SSD solutions can also be used for data transfer between multiple computers. Thanks to Longline Portable SSD Storage solutions, files can be transferred quickly and safely. Longline Portable USB 3.1 SSD External Disk has different storage options.

Solid State Drive

Professional manufacturing the high-tech SSD (Solid State Drive) storage products

Memory Card

Camera, video camera, action camera memory card solutions


Production of high quality server, pc, notebook, game memory products

USB Flash Memory

USB flash memory solutions used for storage, data transport and backup

Uninterrupted performance with STORM Memory

Longline does not forget the gamers and offers the high performance Memory models developed for gaming computers to the users. It offers uninterrupted performance in power-intensive games where milliseconds count.

Server Memory

Longline produces safe and high performance memory solutions for computers.

PC Memory

Longline offers special solutions to its business partners by producing server memories.

Laptop Memory

Longline manufactures high quality and high technology laptop memory models.



Fast and quality service with high technology products.