Failure Tracking

Failure Tracking


Welcome to our RMA page where you can get Technical Support Service for the products you have purcahsed from our company. If you have problems with the products purchased from Longline, you must fill in the LONGLINE RMA FORM online. If you fill in the form, our authorized technical staff will return to you as soon as possible and inform you.

In case of a breakdown or return in your online shopping, please make your application through the e-commerce site you have purchased. Otherwise, our service team will not be able to intervene. Thank you for your understanding.

• FAILURE REGISTRATION FORM must be filled for products covered by warranty.

• The acceptance and rejection decision about the products becomes final after the examination of our service. An information message will be sent to you via sms/e-mail.

• When you receive the confirmation message, you can send your product to our company by cargo or by hand.

• Product acceptance and delivery are made between 09:00 – 17:00 on weekdays.

• Terms of shipping the products by cargo:

a. In the deliveries of defective products out of Istanbul and to the Anatolian side of Istanbul by the consumer, cargo payments belong to our company for “shipping by MNG Cargo (Customer Code: 190495103)”.

b. In cases where products sent by cargo are damaged during transportation, a “Cargo Due Diligence Report” must be prepared by the cargo company.