Micro Portable SSD

Micro Portable SSD

Longline offers easy, fast and reliable storage solutions by producing advanced solutions in SSD technology.

Thanks to Micro Portable SSD technology, no cables are needed anymore for file transfer. Micro Portable SSD, which is easily portable in every pocket, offers easy storage in any environment, anywhere.

Longline Portable SSD solutions are compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Longline Portable SSD solutions can also work with mobile devices.

Longline SSD products using USB 3.1, which is a high-speed connection type, meet the expectations and needs of those who want to back up their files and those who do photo or video work, and those who work with high file sizes.

Longline Micro Portable SSD solutions, which have read speeds up to 550 MB per second and write speeds up to 500 MB, meet all kinds of needs with 128, 256, 512 and 1 TB storage options.

The Longline SSD family can also be used with devices with Android and iOS operating systems. This means that files on the mobile device can be backed up quickly.


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