Server Memory

Server Memory

Longline also offers special solutions to its business partners regarding server memory and has the knowledge and experience to meet server memory requirements.

Unlike standard computer memories, the production of server memories designed to work 24/7 is one of Longline’s areas of expertise. Longline, being able to produce memory at a level that will meet all kinds of demands of its business partners, produces memories that fulfill its duty successfully even under the most difficult conditions by targeting sustainable quality.

Stability and Performance

Longline server memory solutions can continue to operate at the same stability and performance from the first use. These memories supporting uninterrupted operation, which are vital for servers, are the biggest helpers of institutions and large companies.

System Specific Memory
Longline also produces special server memory solutions for special needs. These special memory solutions offer performance increase with 100% compatibility while provide flexibility to organizations at the same time.

Why You Should Choose Longline Memory?

Since the servers are programmed to operate 24/7 under heavy load, the hardware components of the used must also be of this scale. Longline server memory solutions have the ability to work uninterruptedly under all kinds of difficult conditions.

Lifetime Warranty
Longline server memory solutions are guaranteed for lifetime. This is another reason to choose Longline memory solutions.


High Performance



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