Storm Memory

Storm Memory

Longline does not forget the gamers and offers the high performance Memory models developed for gaming computers to the users.

Millions of people around the world play games every day. Sometimes they discover a vast new planet, sometimes they try to survive with hundreds of others.

We, as Longline, understand the players very well and produce special solutions for them. One of these solutions is game Memory. These solutions, specially designed for the needs and expectations of the players, are designed to perform the most intense and complex operations, to provide uninterrupted performance in crowded servers or power-intensive games where milliseconds are important.

Compatibility for All Kinds of Systems

Longline game memory solutions offer a guarantee of running smoothly in any system. These solutions, which are compatible with both Intel and AMD mainboards, are 100 percent tested and are offered under the Longline brand warranty.

Game Memory products, which have much different features than standard Memory solutions, are designed to provide higher, uninterrupted and smooth performance.

Longline has game memory solutions with features to meet different performance needs of different players. It produces solutions for different system requirements from DDR3, DDR4 types to frequencies of 2400 Mhz, 2666 Mhz, 3000 Mhz, 3200 Mhz and 3466 Mhz.

High Performance

Longline Game Memory products won’t leave you in the lurch even in the toughest moments of games. You will find the performance needed in Longline game memory solutions, sometimes when you’re fighting a big opponent and sometimes saving your teammates.

Longline game memory products, developed for applications that require special and high performance such as games, are equipped with features such as high data flow rate, high clock speed and uninterrupted operation. Longline game memory solutions that will never leave you in the lurch will be the number one choice of game lovers. It offers the opportunity to increase your speed with peace of mind thanks to its ease of use and cooling feature.

Uninterrupted Performance

Products in the Longline game memory family are designed to provide uninterrupted performance. This means that even in games where the most difficult and complex images are created, a continuous, high and superior quality of game will be offered.

Integrated Overclocking Feature

Overclocking feature, which is one of the most important needs of the players, helps where more performance is required.

Different Solutions for Different Systems

Longline game memory solutions include different options for different mainboards. Longline has game memory solutions in DDR3 and DDR4 types and different frequency speeds, and has options for every need.

Why Do Games Need Special Memory?

Computers require higher power for activities that require high and uninterrupted performance such as games. The most important reason for this is that games use much more system resources. The computer trying to provide the highest performance in games needs memory solutions that are much faster, with high performance and make full use of the possibilities of the bus.