2.5 inch SSD

2.5 inch SSD

Longline produces 2.5 inch SSD solutions developed especially for notebook computers.

Nowadays, 2.5 inch SSD solutions that are used both to accelerate old generation laptop computers and to provide a performance working environment in current computers can also be used as an external disk solution (with a suitable carrier case) in environments where high speed data transfer is required. 2.5 inch is basically a unit that specifies the size of the SSD disk. 2.5-inch drives that are smaller than 3.5-inch drives used in desktop computers takes up less space. Taking a small space makes these solutions particularly attractive for devices with limited space such as laptops.

The Longline SSD is lightweight and shockproof and has no moving parts inside. Thus, it helps you to keep your data safe against loss in case of unintentional crash and drop. Thanks to its low power consumption feature, the working life of your computer is also prolonged. Longline SSD with long battery life, quiet operation, shock/vibration/heat resistance and impressive performance offers safe and enjoyable computer use with its ergonomic structure.

You can easily increase the performance of your computer by using the Longline Solid State Drive (SSD). Longline SSD reduces your computer workload for you thanks to its instant write performance. It enables you to browse the web comfortably, play enjoyable games, and make good use of your time with high data speed.

The data reading and writing process of Longline SSD is much faster than hard disks and can perform up to 20 times. It offers comfortable working opportunity with faster opening, closing and application loading.


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