Why You Should Choose Longline

Longline, which has a professional team in memory, produces the highest quality memory and ssd and has the knowledge and equipment to meet your needs. The Longline family guarantees its customers about speed, reliability, high quality and satisfaction.

Why You Should Choose Longline


Adhering to the philosophy of honesty, innovation, professionalism, efficiency, discipline and simplicity, it makes an impression on the industry and customers. With worldwide brand reliability, all memory, ssd and memory products are covered by a full warranty. It guarantees to provide fast repair and replacement services.

Technical Support

In the rare event of a problem with your Longline product, 24/7 service is provided by the Technical Support Team.


With its professional technical team, laboratories and production equipment, understanding of innovation and quality control system, it has completed CE, RoHS, ISO 9001 certification processes, and has achieved superior success with product design, production process and quality testing.


A gradual multi-directional test system is applied to provide quality control, and it is subjected to 100% reliability testing with design, components, signal, performance and quality controls.


By choosing the right memory for your device, you can achieve high performance, ensure safe use, and provide use with affordable cost of ownership.


The easiest way to improve the performance of your device is to replace or upgrade the ssd disk and memory. In this way, you can provide better service in large databases, obtain higher performance in cloud use and reach the real solution for performance by increasing your business speed.

Product Delivery

Product orders are made in the fastest and most reliable ways, based on customer satisfaction.