About Longline

About Longline

Reliable solution partner with its professional team and strong operational ability.

Founded in 2000, Longline provides services to many public, private and telecom companies in the field of telecommunications with its long-term experience and expert staff. The company continuing to operate with over 800 partners throughout Turkey has been working with offices located worldwide.

With original and innovative solutions, it offers technological products to its business partners and customers quickly and at affordable costs, allowing them to develop their business and easily access the technology products they need. Longline continues to develop its solutions in line with new technological developments and needs.


High Performance


Longline decided to develop its own product family in 2008. It started to develop its own products as a result of market research, field and R&D studies.

SFP modules, which it decided to produce in the first stage, became among the sought-after and preferred products in the sector in a short time with its high performance, affordable cost and quality outer coating features. Longline SFP has various options from 100GB modules to 1GB modules in today’s conditions, from the shortest to the custom-made highest distances.
Longline is able to produce modules of products specific to all brands, thanks to its R&D experience gained up to now. Our highly acclaimed products in Turkey and in the world market are also preferred by many telecom, public and private sector companies.

Supporting the product family with a different product group as a result of its success in the SFP family, Longline started producing Memory and SSDs compatible with Server / Notebook / PC / Network products as of 2012. It started to serve under the brands of Longline Memory and Longline SSD.

We produce SSD products in storage units that have become the need of personal and corporate computers and are considered as the fastest technology of today. Our products, which have a stylish design with their powerful hardware, maximum reading and writing speed, robust and heat-resistant aluminum casing, offer users high performance and enjoyable use with low noise and low power consumption. Addiationally, by offering solutions in the field of external storage, we offer a superior performance up to 500 MB/S for computer, mobile phone and camera users with a portable SSD product.

Memory products made a difference in the sector in a short time with their features such as affordable cost, high performance, quality chipset, heat resistant outer coating. By completing CE, RoHS, ISO 9001 certification processes, we have become a preferred brand in the sector with the production process, product design and quality test.