Legal Warning and Privacy

Legal Warning and Privacy

Users may be asked to fill in forms requesting information such as name, surname, e-mail address and if any, company name in order to access continuously updated news, campaign information and other continuous updates on the Longline website on the basis of membership. This information can be put on users’ computers via cookies and according to this information, the site navigation can be continued in a personalized manner.

Information collected through the forms filled out on the Longline website will not be shared with third parties. However, Longline will be able to use this information to send campaigns, product promotions and announcements and to determine customer profiles.

The product information displayed on this site is compiled from products in the Longline product family and is for informational purposes only. Since product specifications and information displayed on this site may have changed or incorrect at the time of review, we recommend that you access the contact information for up-to-date and comprehensive information. Longline reserves the right to change product specifications. Longline accepts no liability for the use of product information.

Longline accepts no responsibility or liability for information accessed through links to third-party Web sites, including but not limited to the Websites of Distributors, Vendors, Affiliates or advertisers. Visitors acknowledge that the links are provided for convenience only and the presence of these links does not indicate that Longline approves, acknowledges or verifies the information contained on any third party Web site. Visitors acknowledge that their access to other Web sites does not imply that Longline recommends the purchase or sale of products or services on or through third-party Web sites unless specified separately for each site.

Longline will not share, sell or use the personal data that users transmit electronically through the website named or mobile applications with third parties, except within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and for the purposes described in the collection of personal data.


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