Personal Data Storage

Personal Data Storage

We are constantly producing data in our daily life. We are constantly producing data while taking photos, recording videos, creating documents on the computer and in all our works. We need to store some of the data we produced. The data we do not store causes the memory of our devices such as computers, phones and tablets to fill up. USB memory, SSD, Memory Card and other storage solutions produced by Longline allow this data to be backed up.

Longline SSD Solutions

Solid State Drive or SSD products with short name, which are a type of storage that can provide high-level solutions in data transfer and performance because they do not contain moving parts, are 10 times faster than a conventional hard disk. By replacing the hard disks in your computer with SSD derivatives, you can achieve a much faster and more efficient usage experience. Longline manufactures SSD in a wide range of categories and capacities from 2.5 inches to M.2 and mSATA.

Longline Memory Card Solutions

Memory cards used in many devices such as mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, action cameras and so on in our daily lives allow the storage of the produced data. Longline producing in SD, SDXC, SDHC, microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC and CompactFlash memory card types meets different storage and speed standards. In this way, video, photos and data produced by different devices can be stored on these memory cards and kept ready for use when required.

Longline USB Flash Memory Solutions

USB flash drives are one of the most preferred storage and data transport solutions in daily life due to their small size, practicality and ease of transportation. Using the standard USB connection, these tiny helpers can be used with all computers, whether old or new.

Longline USB Flash memory solutions are produced to meet all kinds of needs and expectations with different capacity, speed and design features.


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